You Can’t Fight City Hall

Game: City of Heroes
Character: Winter Tornado
Date: 11/4/2008

Before CoH became freemium, it would be a safe thing to say that many players at one time or another came through here as one of the first things they did out of the tutorial-at least, if they chose to start in Atlas Park. City Hall was the home of government in Paragon City, although we never really got to see that government; most of the action took place with Federal offices that tied into each of the five possible origins selected by a player. Even after the early levels, though, sometimes the Hall made for a good place for heroes to do their RP without interruption by the frequent costume contests that took place underneath the statue of Atlas.


Borg Are Back, Redux

Game: Star Trek Online
Character: Walt
Date: 1/26/2010

The end of beta event for STO didn’t just cover Borg invading Earth Spacedock (and presumably Qo’noS); it also involved a heap of Borg appearing in sector space all over the game. Unlike today, the deep space encounters represented by these did not passively wait for people to enter them; they hunted down ships that went too close and drew them right in! Then it became a fight for survival, and it didn’t matter if you were in a top-line starship, or a lower level one: for the Borg, it’s all the same. Resistance, after all, is futile.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Game: Champions Online
Character: Runelord
Date: 9/11/2012

There are a couple of neat features to the hideouts in CO-beyond being a decent RP spot for a group of heroes invited in. One of them is access to a personal tailor-which allows you to modify your costumes. Like City of Heroes before it, the appearance of a character has pretty much nothing to do with the gear he’s got, so you can alter your appearance as you please. In the Arcane Sanctum hideout, access to the tailor is done through a rather ominous looking mirror that wouldn’t look out of place in Snow White. You know the one. You could make a case for it being a portal to a mysterious and arcane dimension, but I like my interpretation better.

I Could Take Him…Aw, Who Am I Kidding?

Game: Star Wars Galaxies
Character: Coreth Landwalker
Date: 3/20/2005

One of the few themeparks available in the early days of SWG was Jabba’s Palace. You would have to do missions for various low level functionaries; completing them got you more access to Jabba’s throne room (so to speak), ultimately leading to missions for the fat slug himself. The throne room has a number of recognizable individuals-Oola the dancer (before she becomes rancor-chow in Return of the Jedi), Salacious Crumb, Max Rebo’s Band…and this fairly nondescript guy who apparently just hangs around looking mean. He can’t be all that impressive…can he?

Hail No

Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Character: Jesken
Date: 6/22/2013

The Hailstorm Brotherhood on Hoth are a bunch of tough guys. These guys willingly go out and carve out their own citadel in the middle of nowhere, and have people who wander around during Hoth’s nights for fun. You remember what Luke Skywalker and Han Solo thought of Hoth nights? These guys aren’t scared of that. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a little fire, though, as seen here in the heart of their stronghold, as the Brotherhood’s leader awaits the arrival of anyone with the guts-and power-to face him in single combat. (Of course, since most characters have companions, it’s not quite single combat, but we’ll overlook that.)

The Great Pumpkin

Game: City of Heroes
Character: Gatewarden
Date: 1/2/2010

Croatoa was one of the more interesting zones in CoH-basically the spooky zone. You had ghosts, witches, and evil supernatural sorts of stuffs going on. And Sally. There was also the lord of pumpkins, Eochai. This isn’t him, though. It’s just a big pumpkin, where the Fir Bolg are just beside themselves in awe. Imagine the pumpkin pie that puppy could make!

And Just Think: The Basis Only Just Left Our Solar System….

Game: Star Trek Online
Character: Bill
Date: 9/3/2011

Borg Red Alerts are the evidence that the Klingon/Federation War is small potatoes in comparison with bigger issues. Sure, the two have their differences, but nobody wants the Borg to end up assimilating the other side-and then coming after them. More worrisome is the Borg Command Ships, which have a haunting similarity to a machine-entity that had once nearly wiped out every carbon-based lifeform on Earth. Fortunately, you only see one at a time in the Red Alert as the “boss” of the encounter-and the five-ship squad that faces these often end up with scenes like this, where they see it broken into bits and pieces from their onslaught.